About AACC

AA Creative Corridor is located in the heart of REO Town at 1133 South Washington Ave. As the name implies the space is a long, double brick walled corridor.  Originally an outdoor alleyway; with the original graphic advertisements still visible on the chiseled, brick walls, AA Creative Corridor is a walk through time. This urban 1100 square foot space is perfect for a multitude of activities. Three years of investments into this space as Art Alley has left it the perfect place to showcase wall art. It is often sought after as a unique venue space. This space also may be rented hourly as a photography/creative share studio space. If you are interested in any of the three unique offerings this space has please contact Ariniko or use the contact page!

AA Creative Corridor is one of 6 rental units on the lower level of 1131 and 1133 S. Washington Ave. The common area (kitchen, restrooms, drinking fountain, kitchen counter, microwave, fridge and mop closet) will be accessible to all other tenants at the time of your rental and potentially in use by them if your event is scheduled during their open hours. All of the tenants of this unique creative space work very hard to accomodate each other and we expect that from our clients as well. If this is a concern please ask when you are booking your event.