Photographer & Creatives Share

Photography Share

 This huge studio space offers an enormous amount of natural light (especially in the late day hours). It also has two distinctly different brick types for urban shots. With the right lighting system, the white wall in the back could provide the perfect white background. With a few props, backdrops or furniture this space could surely meet many of your in-door studio needs.


Creative Share

Although the main goal is photography, this space is ideal for other arts, including videography, theater, crafting, and fitness. Please share with Ariniko any idea you might have.

Pricing for the Photographer (creative) Share

$15/hr for creative rental. There may be allotments (without a charge) for setting up and taking down equipment. Please ask the manager about your needs.

****Due to an increase in scheduled cancellations, a non refundable deposit will be due when scheduling your session time during highly desired time frames (Saturdays and Sundays) of 50% of the rental fee. *****

**If you are looking to host an event please refer to the events page for information. These prices are reserved for the photographers or creatives that are generally bringing in clients for a single session within their expertise.** 

Current Creatives at AACC:

Ariniko O'Meara-Photographer/Owner at Ariniko Artistry

Holly Jenks-Photographer/Owner at Holly Jenks Photography

Cari Wilbur-Photographer/Owner at Cari Wilbur Photography

Dane Robinson- Photographer/Owner at TimeFrame Photography

Andrea Collier-Photographer